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Peace of Mind.

Going Beyond Slip and Falls

CARES recognizes that the needs of seniors go far beyond simple fall protection and emergency response. We provide what senior would tell you they want more than anything. Good Health? Money? No, more than anything we have found that seniors desire Social Interaction, Companionship, and Ongoing Reassurance. Ask any Meals on Wheels driver and they will tell you..."It's Not About the Meals". Seniors continue to be a forgotten and undeserved sector of our society. Today's seniors have a complex range on Social, Medical  and Behavioral Health concerns. After all, they are people, with all kind of people issues. Sadly, many seniors find themselves ill equipped to respond to these issues. As with most wellness concerns, small issues can grow into big (and potentially costly ) concerns when not addressed over time.  Our team of caring service professionals and licensed mental health counselors offer a comprehensive solution.


We can help

Today's seniors suffer from a number of complex concerns:


  • Depression and Social Isolation

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Pain Management

  • Home bound Issues

  • Care-giver Respite Backup

  • And many other concerns  See more >>

Peace of Mind

Overseeing a family member or close friend can be a daunting task and often involve logistical and time management issues. It can happen suddenly, with an accident or declining health and you may quickly find yourself  worring about the time that you are not available. Later, you may find yourself taking more time off from work, preparing meals or handling their finances.


It is not uncommon for caregivers to quickly become overwhelmed. Guilt may further compound matters as caregivers must push away to hold down jobs and attend to other life obligations. CARES can help provide assurance and peace of mind while away. Loved ones are contacted daily along with the free monitoring device to ensure well being.

A gratifying career choice 


“Before subscribing to the CARES program my mom would 'Accidentally" deploy emergency phone personnel only to declare it as a false alarm. Over time I came to realize that these were desperate attempts for social interaction with phone monitoring staff."

                                                                  James E. 

“My mom was recently released from the hospital.   'While her medical concerns were under control, her mental health was a huge concern. Depression had set in and she benefited from speaking with the CARES mental health professional. 

                                                                    Rene P.

Quality Defined

 and Quality Delivered !

We recognize that the elderly population can be a very vulnerable group. All of our staff undergo an extensive background check before assisting any clients. Our internal quality assurance monitoring and third-part audits further protect our clients and ensure that they receive best in class care. Established quality control procedures and confidentiality safeguards have earned us  a full accreditation seal with CARF International a respected accrediting agency for rehabilitation and behavioral health programs. Our commitment to quality is evident in everything we do.

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